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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund?

Due to the pregnancy yoga course being a digital product, I regret that refunds will not be accepted and only in some situations would a refund be considered. If you are unhappy with the course, please get in touch to discuss how I can resolve this for you.

Can I watch videos offline?

The course is not available to download and you will need an internet connection to watch the videos.

How much is the pregnancy yoga course?

There are 3 payment options available depending on where you are in your pregnancy and how much you can afford. 

You will need to have had your 12 week scan and the all clear from a health care professional before starting the course. 

If you would like to subscribe monthly at £9.99 this could be an option if you wish to have unlimited lifetime access to all other future content on the studio website, such as mum and baby yoga with massage, beginners yoga, intermediate/advanced yoga, restorative, guided meditations and yoga nidras.

If you have just entered second trimester you may wish to choose the payment option available for 6 months at £39.99 so that you have access to the course throughout the remainder of your pregnancy. If you are coming to the end of your second trimester or in your third trimester you may wish to choose the payment option available for 3 months at £19.99.

Why can I not purchase and download the course?

The content on this website is owned by Rhian of Rhi Yoga and regrettably can't be downloaded for students to purchase. Each member has individual access to their own accounts where they can choose how they would like to set up a payment option to have access to the online content.

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